Pete's Tab Archive Now Online!
For the first time ever, over 240 solos by Pete on Hot Rize and Country Cooking albums -- since 1971 -- are now online for download. Includes the new Hot Rize album! Click for details.
Free Video Lesson!
Sky Rider

Pete will be sharing some of his most-requested solos free, right here on Sky Rider is Pete's featured banjo tune on Hot Rize's new album, When I'm Free. Get the tab here.

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After 30 years of January Banjo Camps, Pete is discontinuing banjo camps and starting a new camp model.   Why?   More info
1980 video of Pete pickin and discussin'...
TV interview in Louisville with banjo picker Terry Heaton. How long did it take Pete to type out his banjo book?

Jam Class video! Watch a Wernick Method class, and hear what the students and teacher say! Thanks Fred Boettger, for a fun 4-minute report.

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Pete's Banjo Tab Books available again!
After years out of print, all 3 books, with all breaks to Pete's On a Roll album, and both of Hot Rize's first albums, can now be downloaded. With extra-easy tab, chord diagrams, commentary and photos.

7 years of Pete's Banjo Newsletter columns!
now complete from January 2007 through January of 2014.

Chord photos!
All jammers need to know how to "read" guitar chords. Click here for clear photos of the most common ones.
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Hot Rize w. Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers