Flexigrass -The Live Five
Welcomes New Members

Greg Harris - Vibes

Greg HarrisThe new vibes man is Greg Harris, a Colorado native with a Masters in Music, leader of a jazz quintet and recent sojourner in Africa where he studied and collected mallet instruments. An exciting and chopsy player, 27 year-old Greg will drastically lower the average age of the band, as well as raising the average height (he's 6'6"). Greg is Flexigrass's first new guy in five years.

Joan Wernick - Vocals

Joan WernickFlexigrass also welcomes new full-time member Joan Wernick. Nurse Banjo adds to the show with sparkling vocals and an irrepressible sense of fun. Joan has guested with the band on occasion for years, but now she will be a regular, expertly tackling everything from bluegrass to jazz with audience-pleasing style.

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