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Why Your Festival Could Use a Wernick Method Jamming Class

We've offered 60+ classes at over 30 festivals as of early 2016 -- with excellent results....*
Mark Miracle's class at Pickin' in the Pines (AZ)
Pete Wernick's class at RockyGrass (CO)

A typical Wernick Method festival jam class is six hours of jamming instruction designed to get students going as confident jammers. At festivals, our classes are typically two hours a day (10-noon on Sat. and Sun.), each of three days of the festival. Participating students pay $10-13 per teaching hour... and observers don't have to pay at all!

A small sampling of comments about our classes:
"I have been waiting to start playing real bluegrass with people for quite a while, and now I can."
"I feel like I've made jamming friends for life."
"So much more fun than sitting on the couch playing alone."

A festival can offer a Wernick Method jam class simply by getting connected with one of our certified teachers who agrees to offer a class. Please write [email protected] for more information.

The class needs to be supported with:
  • the use of a shaded spot with access to a.c. power, far enough from amplified stages, or at times of day, so as to make sound intrusion minimal
  • a mention and link from your festival's website to the class's page on LetsPick.org (Our page for the class will have a prominent link to your festival's website)
  • a mention with web page information on the printed festival program
  • allowing "yard" signs advertising the class to be displayed in a few key locations

The festival is not expected to pay the teachers, though comped festival admission is typical, and appreciated.

Pete's class at Lighthouse Festival (BC, Canada)

No personnel or ticket taking or other services are required of the festival.

All jam class attendees need to pay normal festival admission to be in the class.

*We asked students:

Did you attend the festival to take the class?
The main reason: 22
A main reason: 69
Not a reason: 30
Heard at the festival: 18
Would the presence of the class be a factor in attending next year?
The main reason: 17
A main reason: 63
A small reason: 25
Not a reason: 25
Based on anonymous student surveys from our most recent 15 festival classes as of early 2016.

FESTIVALS hosting Wernick Method classes (partial list)

Merlefest (NC)
Grey Fox (NY)
Huck Finn (CA)
Palatka (FL)
Blythe (AZ)
Cherokee (NC)
Tamworth (UK)
Gettysburg (PA)
Cruise2Jam (CA)
Jekyll Island (GA)
Myrtle Beach (SC)
Delaware Valley (NJ)
Mammoth Lakes (CA)
Pickin’ in Parsons (WV)
Albino Skunk Fest (SC)
Pickin’ in the Pines (AZ)
Midwinter Bluegrass (CO)
Lighthouse Bluegrass (BC)
Bristol Rhythm & Roots (VA/TN)
Palisade Bluegrass & Roots (CO)

Festival attendees are fully welcome to observe the teaching and the jamming for as long as they want. This creates a free "workshop" attraction for your festival, that you don't have to worry about presenting!

Please write [email protected] for more information.

Please indicate the name and location of your festival, when you run, and your contact info. We'll be glad to answer any questions.