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Jam Advice

Postby oewall » Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:28 am

Thanks for all of you helpful advice... with it we meet the first friday of the month and Jam. We use the Bluegrass songbook as our songlist. Ocasionally someone work out the lyrics/chords to a song. We typically play for 1-2 hours then we have pie! We rotate around the circle and the jam is anywhere from 4-12 people. We have all the normal bluegrass instruments in the group. I think we have been playing for 2 years or so.

We don't really have anyone thats I would consider experienced. We are all rookies or closet pickers! We just play GCD and sneak in an A sometimes, our bane in life is the Tennesse Stud! We just keep playing. Do you have any friendly advice about what we might do to make our jamming better?


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Re: Jam Advice

Postby Pete » Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:29 am

oewall wrote:Do you have any friendly advice about what we might do to make our jamming better?


You all sound like you're doing the main thing I recommend... having fun. To upgrade your jamming quality, it's hard to give general advice without hearing how the jam is going on. You could look up the "jam skills checklist" on this site (on the Jamalot page), and if each person took a look at that list and worked on what could use some work, the whole jam would end up sounding better. Typical things needing help are:
1. People taking care to have their instruments in good tune on each song.
2. Singers taking care to pick the best key in which to sing each song they sing (important: It's not always going to be the same key.)
3. Soloists coming in strong when they solo and everyone else backing off so the soloing can be heard easily.
4. Solos based on the melody and not just faking it with "passable" licks... if possible.

Those are some of the main ones. If you and the other jammers attended a Wernick Method class or camp you would surely get some hands-on help, and it would probably end up helping the jam sound better.

But... the main thing is, keep jamming and have a great time.


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