FLEXIGRASS gigs in Boulder area this spring

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FLEXIGRASS gigs in Boulder area this spring

Postby Pete » Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:15 am

I'm glad to report that the band (now in our ***20th*** year) will be playing some good venues in the Boulder area this spring... two Wednesdays at Nissi's, a very nice venue in Lafayette, and at the Longmont Museum, date to be announced. And we're booked at a much-loved festival in Palisade in June, if you're up for some mountain air and scenery.

Nissi's is an especially good place to hear the band... The place is comfy, the food is extra-good (and reasonably priced), and the sound is very well-done, something we've found lacking at some other venues we've played in the area. It's exceptionally convenient to north and west Denver, Boulder, Louisville, Longmont -- about a mile west of Rt. 287 on Arapahoe and 95th St.

One little problem if you've not been to Nissi's before... you can't see it from the road! From Arapahoe or 95th, you might not suspect there's a cluster of businesses including a very nice restaurant/music club just out of sight, southeast of the intersection. You can find it with a GPS, or it's easy once you know where it is... Best thing is to look for roads *into* the southeast corner of Araphahoe/95th, and that little road will lead right to Nissi's. The show starts at 7:30 but get there early for their out-of-the-ordinary tasty cuisine. I promise you won't be sorry. Good bar too.

We are hoping to make Nissi's a regular venue for FLEXIGRASS, and to do that, it will help if the local folks come out for a listen, and bring some friends. Hope to see you there!


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